Sadistic Surgery was born sometime around 2006, when the evil Sadistic Surgeon decided to take the contents of his grotesque mind public and shock the world with his carnage. Evidently at one point he was a normal aspiring medical student, but they caught him stealing dead bodies out of the morgue.

So now with nothing to do but listen to music all day, he’s decided to share some of his favorite songs with you. These songs come from nothing but the heaviest, goriest, most grotesque recordings. Grindcore and death metal are his only love, and he intersperses this audio assault with vile stinking filthy conversation about the goriest of topics. If you have a weak stomach, rest assured he will call you out on the airwaves, and chances are you will end your night with a toilet full of vomit. The show went away for awhile in 2014, but due to a renewed sense of inspiration as the result of watching way too many snuff films, the surgeon is back and more amped up than ever.

So sit back, grab your vomit bags and your favorite headache medicine, and enjoy the show. Sadistic Surgery -the radio show,  is recorded live on the one and only Mojo Radio on Saturday nights at 11pm EST. Archives will go up on this site as well as playlists for syndication. He will also participate in reviewing albums as well as horror movies of his liking, but the content has to be heavy enough and grotesque enough to meet his standards. You’ve been warned.