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Release Date : October 30th, 2015

Label : Metal Blade Records

Reviewed by : Doc AKA The Sadistic Surgeon

Twitching Tongues have been around for quite some time now. You the listener may have only gotten familiar with the band recently however, due to their recent signing with Metal Blade Records. While this is unfortunate if it holds true, the good thing about it is that their most recent album Disharmony happens to be a much needed fresh breath of air in a metal scene full of repetition.

Twitching Tongues consists of vocalist Colin Young, axe slingers Taylor Young and Hatebreed alumni Sean Martin, bassist Anthonie Gonzalez, and drummer Cayle Sain. Their music can be described in the typical fashion… doom metal, hardcore, stoner metal, the list goes on and on. Yet from the opening notes of the title track, which twitchingtonguesbandshothappens to lead off the album, it’s clear that these guys are going to have something different going on. A haunting piano melody rather conspicuously making a nod to  takes us into the first wallowing depths of nail studded doom and despair. Young’s vocals are reminiscent of the back woods bear like vocal delivery of Troy Sanders of Mastadon – which are well placed on an album like this. From the title track we move on to “Insincerely Yours”. This track starts off with the guitars leading a mid tempo introduction to what will become a galloping assault on your auditory canals, with Young delivering the lyrics in appropriate fashion to convey the emotion behind them. We then move on to this reviewer’s favorite track of the album, the odd timed “Asylum Avenue”. This track also happens to be the band’s third official single, and seems to represent part of the concept and idea that this album is attempting to compel  the listener to understand. Another highlight is the track “Cannibal” which starts off slow and brooding before building into a chaotic wall of sound. Finally it relaxes into a mid tempo masterpiece, chugging along like a freight train building speed. It then blasts you with frantic drumming and guitar work, topped with Young’s intensetwitchingtonguesdisharmony vocal cutting through like a grinder.

Another track that deserves a mention comes in the eighth spot on the record, and is titled “Arrival”. This track stands out from the others in that it is actually mostly piano based, with synthesizer effects and weird ambiance throughout. Josh Silver of Type O Negative would approve of this one.

If there’s three things that need to be said about  Disharmony, one of them would be that this will be an essential album to pick up if you’re a fan of Mastodon. This will also be an essential album to get your hands on if you like Type O Negative, or Code Orange. Finally, this will also be an essential album to get your hands on if you’re into heavy music period. You really need to hear these guys to understand.

We recently sat down and spoke with Colin Young himself about the direction of the band, along with the climate of the metal scene world-wide. He had some insightful things to say. And I should mention, we did mourn the loss of the great Gunnar Hansen of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame together, who passed away the very night before the interview was scheduled. It is below for your listening pleasure.



Sadistic Surgery – Twitching Tongues interview with Colin Young by Sadistic Surgery on Mixcloud